Time Hammer 7"

by Sky Needle

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released November 1, 2009

last remaining copies available through mimaroglu

Independent Exhibitions, Edition of 200

Side A: Sweet 16 Snorks / Time Hammer
Side B: The Stain

Alex Cuffe (speaker box bass)
Ross Manning (elastic dust shovel)
Joel Stern (leg horns)

recorded by Joel in Brisbane
mastered by Lawrence English



Mess + Noise
Evocative of a backwater shanty horror, whose moonshined-to-the-eyeballs antagonist wields – you guessed it – an elastic dust shovel. It creeps and pounces forebodingly with an air of barely restrained lunacy.

RealTime Arts Magazine
...a joyous, wonky kind of sound, curiously reminiscent of 80s post-punk, crafted into two reasonably tight tracks that are not so much funky as kind of…thunky.

Volcanic Tongue
Deluxe edition of 200 copies 7” in a gatefold sleeve from a trio coming out of the Brisbane underground that features Joel Stern (Other Film et al) Alex Cuffe and Ross Manning playing invented instruments and appliances: speaker box, elastic dust shovel, latex pimp horns… this a fabulously weirdo recording, with aspects of pygmy music, Tori Kudo, hypnotic homemade psych, toy orchestra plays The Shadow Ring…

Mimaroglu Music Sales
...goes for a kind of primal tribalism, savaging their self-built instrumental arrays (“latex pump horns”, “elastic dust shovel”, “bass speaker box”) in a monochord kinda way that recalls the monks inasmuch as it does terry riley …

Still Single
Aussie weirdos haunted by Silver Apples, Shadow Ring, Sun City Girls and human flatulence, the inappropriately-named Sky Needle is not heavy at all.

Art into Life
...strung to the shovel shall use a modified cryptic and speaker box. Daniel Higgs content that an anomaly folk / minimalist feeling like playing weird avant suspension system mess! Jake is also facing a special type of design. (translated from Japanese)

Byron Coley in The Wire Magazine Oct 2010
This Brisbane trio built their own sculptural instruments, and the results are full of thick string reverberation and other sounds whose source is not abundantly clear. But they are a rock group, in the sense that Theoretical Girls were. And indeed their work has the feel of downtown NYC of the 1980s.




Sky Needle Brisbane, Australia

Sky Needle perform primitive music played on unstruments operated by Alex Cuffe, Joel Stern, Sarah Byrne and Ross Manning. Sky Needle live in Brisbane, Australia.

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